Mission and Vission


To educate qualified students with artistic and cultural values and knowledge,

To connect the discipline and researches of art historians of Turkey with the international field,

To educate researchers who are open to new scientific developments,

To spread the individualistic and questioning way of thought,

To protect cultural heritages and art works, also to pass this consciousness to other generations,

To ensure the consciousness of documenting artistic/cultural heritages in our country.

To promote and share the universal importance of this documentation

To be influential about protecting art and culture; for this purpose being one of the leading powers in order to give support to art historians in the process of finding jobs in the public and state institutions.

To participate State Organisations' and NGOs' politics by constituting public opinion.


To provide an environment for our Department to keep up with other departments abroad

To raise the level of education quality by updating with contemporary technologies and to generate knowledge in universal terms,

To play an effective role for creating undergraduate and graduate researches nationally and worldwide in the field of history of art and social sciences,

Try to make the public well-informed about cultural values and protection of cultural heritage.